True Colors

An Original Poem By: KMJ

Edit and Animation by: KMJ

Can you

smell the taste of my emotion? Or see the color of alignment within me?

It's like words being put to paper, it's rare but true poetry.

I swear I can see it.

No better yet feel it. At times I even dream it.

It's that energy of life. That silent rythem and flow.

Balance searched and found me through the course of Yellow.

It's the third the third from the bottom some people call it mellow but deep within your gut is the gold reflecting back a magick Yellow.

Strength and power crept up and now your ego won't mellow.

Remember the center of balance and don't get too drunk off the Yellow.



if you look me in my eye You might just catch a gilmpse of your eye

Don't turn away from the power of the wise. Indigo of your energy. Indigo of your eye.

It's the opening of the eye. Now your intuition is on the rise.

Can you sense the essence of something so awake and rich? Indigo running deep and opening up mind releasing all that is sick.


The essence of the night

close your eyes

open your soul

and let the nurturing of Gaia take flight.

Soul dipped in Green. Connected to the source.

Soul dipped in Green. Chest cracking to recieve change with such deep force. Green is the course.


I looked to the sky and was overcome with such force.

This color feels so new so I inhaled the Blue

and its there I found my voice.

I found Blue and words became poetry in motion. Sometimes crashing into one another so voilently and sinking deep into the ocean. Deep down into the Blue.


Cause even the earth has an end

but I prefer to say root. Deep with the fire of Red it's how my body sees roots.

Red running through my body. Pulling me closer to this earth. Closer to the footsteps of my Ancestors who were here first.

The Red runs deep, the Red is so grounding.

The root of my body burns brightly. Only heaven can stop me.


So I can reveal the Orange hues of my creativity. Connecting with my emotions and properly developing my senseability, maturity, sexuality, a grounded body with balanced Creativity.

You feeling me? Glad to exprience the awakening of self.

My hue carries the citrus of life in itself.


Do you feel me? Do you feel exactly what I mean?

Heavy is the head that doesnt understand how to be a balanced Queen.

Life clean

Soul clean

I had to rearrange my thoughts. Now I can finally see the Purple of my thoughts.

The royalty of it all.

The strongest known to sight. The strongest known to sight.

Rooted to the end, crown touching the beginning. Im telling you

I really found it once I looked deep down within. Again and again.

The color of Amethyst is what I reflect back.

My mind covered and protected from the juju. I send it back.

Amethyst laced crown. Gently placed crown. Purple hue to my crown. Mind open now.


From the bottom to the top.

From the Root to the Crown.

From the true colors that I sow.

I understand.

What balance is now.


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