So here's where we get started.

So we're 13 days into the New Year and I am ready. I don't even know exactly for what but I'm open to all the abundance and positivity I feel I am gratefully due. But in order to be rewarded you must first put in some major, crazy hard, work! Yes. More hard work on top of this past years hard work. But now the task is different. The requirements are different. The rewards...SO BIG, SO DIFFERENT!

2020 really had me working on myself mentally and spiritually. I've already gone into the details multiple times so I feel no need to repeat myself again but you get the picture. It did great things but now is the time to put all the great lessons learned, hurdles overcame and alignment achieved, into action. This is where we finally get to test everything out. The scars have healed and now is the time to show off the results of much patience and commitment to self. But, where to begin?

I have ideas. I have many ideas. I'm rolling my eyes at myself as I type this so you can hear my sarcasm towards myself while saying this in my head. Of course I have ideas, who doesn't. The point is to bring life to these ideas of mine to life. To give you the visuals of what I can see in my mind. What I can hear symphatically in my head. By the way I looked up that word and it doesn't exist. Symphatically, to hear a symphony of sounds and vibrations in your mind. I've created the word and that is what it means. Now moving on. Do you get what I'm saying? I want to release my mind into the world in a way that inspires others for the better. Whew, sounds kinda corny writing that I cannot lie. I can't tell if that's my ego mocking me or if that is legitimately just a overall corny ass thought, lmao oh well. It is my own thought so I will own it. But seriously, I want to change something. Something big, something monumental. The world is my aim. But again, I must start in one place before I can get to the rest of the goals.

I've discovered, well not really. I've known this for a while but just kept hushing that thought. I've discovered that I have so many thoughts and ideas I overwhelm myself to the point I can't finish anything because I'm focused on way too many things. I'm sure others share this same Achilles heel. The overwhelming of self to the point you paralyze your own goals and dreams. Ughhhhhh, why must I be the villain of my own demise? It is so much easier to put these thoughts and feelings onto someone else and hold them accountable for you being lazy and inconsistent. It is you who will reap the rewards and it is you who will also miss out on them if you do not follow through. God hears the prayers. Your Angels hear the prayers. Your Ancestors hear the prayers. The Universe hears the prayers. But are you putting action into your prayers? Are you making sure you're dedicating the needed time, patience and ORGANIZATION, into your prayers? I have to remind you I'm usually speaking in third person. Remember; "It's not about you, it's about me." But, are you? Because as much as they hear you they can only do so much if the needed sweat, blood and tears aren't put into the earning of it all. It's never easy. And nothing in life is ever free. Easy rewards get you cheap results. Unrealistic results. Unsustainable, results.

Now is the time to be picky, focused and well thought out. It's not hard to plan but the point is to follow through, be intentional and very, very, detailed. Remember, details get you what you want. Details will provide a clear map of everything you want, need and desire. Details are what make and break the results... So the plan is to set a clean cut map for myself. Remember we are on a mission to attain our highest self, our most put together self, our true self we see within ourself. That version of self we only allow ourselves to dream of but never become it. We can't dream anymore. We have to do. First, I keep writing. I'm realizing this is my first love. I need some work on the format but for now I can't worry myself with something so silly. Secondly, focus back on the health aspect of life. So far I've kept it dry this year with alcohol and plan to do so for the remainder of the year. Drinking has never been an issue for me but it really does nothing for me. Not in the manner smoking has anyway. I've gone back to being plant based. Some dairy is included in this diet. But overall it's full on veggies, fruits and grains. Thirdly, execute. Execute, execute, execute! A lot of the work has already been done. Now is the time to finish up the fine details and execute it all. So here's where we get started.

Challenge accepted.


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