Slyvie's Love

Can we talk about this real quick? We HAVE to talk about this. About Sylvie's Love. A love I hope to feel one day. Maybe not verbatim but still I want a piece of it. This movie was everything I just wrote about. It's a love story that as a culture we very much needed. And if we're keeping it funky, it was everything I thought Queen and Slim would have been. Queen and Slim was trash. Sorry someone had to say it. It's like we just let it slide as a culture because the fashion was there and the actors were beautiful. In reality it was filled with trauma, white saviors, the medias favorite "black on black crime"and just a shitty plot overall. See, Sylvie's Love was real. It was the type of love you experience only once in a lifetime. Not that you can't love multiple people but some people just leave a mark on you in a way other people could never recreate. Queen and Slims love was what I call convenient love. Love that if the circumstances were flipped those two people would never end up together because honestly the chemistry wasn't there for the long haul. I hate to compare one to the other, not really but I feel like I had to throw that in there just to be polite. I truly don't care that I'm comparing and I'm doing so because the hype around the movie just didn't match what it produced. Trash. And what's more it was such a false representation of unity and love within our community. I get tired of that traumatic ass storyline. Boy meets girl, boy gets into trouble, girl has to find a way to get him outta trouble, in the end someone always dies. *YAWN* Sylvie's Love was pure. This movie really did it for me. It told a story that so many have gone through and so many of us want to experience. Not every little bit of it of course but the consistency of it. And this wasn't a forced, over acted or unrelatable love story. You know Hollywood will over dramatize some shit real quick and leave you chasing something that simply does not exist. These two found authentic love. The silent understanding they shared between one another was great to watch. She loved him enough to let him go and accomplish his dreams. And he loved her enough to leave so she wouldn't leave hers behind. Love like that can never be replaced. That type of love reminds you that you can't hold back the person you love in order to keep them within arms reach. That type of love is what we call "possessive love" we've all been there so don't deny yourself the recognition. As the old saying goes "If you let it go and it comes back it was yours and if it doesn't it was never yours to begin with." I'm sure I messed it up just a little but you get my point. You can't run away from real love because it will always find it's way back to you. This film....this film changed the game. The cast was filled with so many black and brown faces my heart was overjoyed with excitement. To see all these faces giving us something so real. So pure and so badly needed. I know I keep repeating myself but you have to understand why. How often do we get a love story that doesn't have deep rooted trauma in it? How often do we get two people of color falling in love without someone dying in the end or some mess like that? How often do we get to see two people who genuinely love each other enough to not stand in the way of the others dreams only to find each other time and time again. Every time they've gone on to accomplish a milestone in their life they somehow manage to find their way right back to one another. I may be biased because I'm still on a high from just watching the film but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time because I just KNEW someone was going to die or something tragic was going to happen to one of them. Instead we saw a man who turned out to be a wonderful musician, a caring friend and an understanding lover. And a woman who supported the potential of his career so much she held back news that could have been life changing for him and instead forced herself into a life that made others happy leaving herself with whatever was left to enjoy. Does this mean the story is perfect, no they never are. But what it means is they took their time with this one. The gave us details. They gave us fashion. They gave us a story. They gave us...Black Love. I truly couldn't be any happier with it. If you haven't had the chance to check it out do so even after reading this half ass review. I feel you won't be disappointed and I feel you'll want to find the best outfit you have in your closet and head out to find your soulmate. I hope this inspires us to listen to better music, to dress up no matter the occasion and to not settle for a temporary love. I give this one 5 out of 5 stars. I hope y'all check it out and enjoy.


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