Sister Bodies

Sitting in my space

Talking to my Sister

Not concerned about the world

Not looking for a Mister

Surrounded by life

Although it feels faux

Glad for the decisions

Because I chose me first

Lips stained with wine

Not concerned with the time

Riding out the convo

This is a different type of love

This feels more mine

The intimacy is different

The appreciation is there

I spill my soul to my Sister

I can leave myself bare

Soul exposed who really needs these clothes

The things I do for my body I do for me

The things we do for our bodies we do for we

I know it's hard for some to comprehend but that ain't got shit to do with me

This is my body and I'm the one who decides if you and I become we

This is my home

This is my space

Bare in my stance

Bare as it is

Blessed for this body

Blessed for this friendship

Blessed that I prayed for you and God really answered by providing You

Sister bodies through blood, sweat and tears

Sister bodies accomplishing the world and blocking out all fear

Sister bodies blessed through God

Sister bodies I really need y'all

Sister bodies

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