An original poem By: Kierstin Johnson

Original photo and edit by: KMJ

It’s amazing to think how often I’ve valued silence over conversation

Life feels different when it’s just you

Alone with your thoughts

Free to bask in yourself or perhaps shame

However you spend your time alone in silence there’s always something that changes the way you previously viewed it

The way you would tend to it

Valuing the ability to hear nothing and everything at the saMe time

Silence is deafening

Silence is orgasmic

Silence is necessary

When I think back the silence was always there but it was never shared alone

Words were never spoken

Movement was never needed

But your presence, your presence was always there

Silence feels inevitable now

We no longer breathe the same air

The same smell of silence

The same smell of nothing

It’s gone now

And we may never get it back

I really miss that silence

I like to think you miss it too

I’m still anticipating the moment you break our united silence and slowly walk away

Away into your own recluse world of personal silence

A world owned and lived in only by you

I’ve always wondered how your version felt

How silence sounds from you perspective

I’m sure it was better in every way

We no longer share the same silence

It was comforting knowing you were there

Knowing you may have seen what I did in those moments

Knowing you may have heard what I did in those moments

Knowing you may have felt what I did in those moments

Knowing you could be anywhere in those moments but you chose to experience silence with me

Silence is deafening

Silence is orgasmic

Silence is necessary

We used to share the same silence

I welcome the day we can share it again.


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